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Insurance Disputes We Handle

Our lawyers deal with all types of insurance disputes in Texas, including those involving:
  • auto accidents
  • incidents on another’s property
  • workers’ compensation
  • much more


Dallas Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Insurance claims are often a necessary part of personal injury cases. In most situations, the responsible party will pay for the victim’s injuries through their insurance policy, whether it is auto insurance, homeowners insurance or any other type of policy they may have. A victim’s own insurance policy may also cover payment. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the average person to accurately determine what their insurance claim may be worth. It is also a possibility that the insurance company will attempt to deny the claim or offer a settlement that is worth less than that at which the actual claim should be valued.

In the face of an insurance dispute, consulting an experienced attorney is one of the most important actions to take. At times, simply the act of hiring a known legal professional can impact the insurance company’s decision to pay the true value of your claim. In fact, almost all personal injury cases are settled out of court. If you are experiencing any problems in receiving payment for your insurance claim, or if you have been injured and need to file a claim, take a moment to contact a personal injury lawyer at Pope Taylor, LLP today. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and determine how we can help.

Resolve Your Insurance Dispute with a Skilled Lawyer

Being involved in an insurance dispute can be disheartening. The insurance company may have a team of attorneys to evaluate your claim and determine why you should not receive the full amount of your claim or perhaps any compensation at all. Be sure that you meet this opposition head on with a competent and experienced lawyer at your side.