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Share The Road

All motorists are reminded to safely "share the road" with motorcycles and to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe. Motorcyclists are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists.
Source: NHTSA.gov

Dallas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Talking to a personal injury lawyer is one of the most important steps to take following a serious motorcycle accident. Under Texas personal injury law, a person who has suffered physical or emotional injury due to the negligent, reckless or wrongful conduct of another may take action to seek financial compensation for his or her injuries. Most often, motorcycle accident and other auto accident claims are resolved through the responsible party’s insurance company, but a lawyer can take legal action in civil court as well if this is necessary.

At Pope Taylor, LLP our experienced personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your accident and injuries. With our experience and knowledge in this field, we can review your case to determine what it may be worth and can inform you of your legal rights and options in this regard.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to take the following steps:

  • Seek medical assistance, including for the other parties involved in the accident if they are incapacitated in any way.
  • If possible, take pictures at the scene (even with a phone, if this is all you have available.)
  • Exchange insurance and contact information with the other drivers involved.
  • Call the police, particularly if someone is injured.
  • Do not discuss the cause of the accident with law enforcement or with the other party’s insurance company.

Image Source: (CC BY-SA 2.0) driver Photographer/flickr